Living in an RV - Comfortably in the Cold

bigstock-Winter-Snow-Lake-In-Mountains--281421832 With the cost of housing skyrocketing in Colorado, many are choosing an alternative to the traditional home or condo. The number of people living in an RV versus a home, apartment or condo, is on the rise. It sounds like an adventure, but during the winter months it can be more of a nightmare if you are not prepared. There are plenty of tips out there for those that are just making a winter trip but what about those that have made an RV their home for all of the winter months? Colorado's Premier RV Services has got you covered.

Tips to Live Comfortably in Your RV During the Cold Months

Windows and vents are the # 1 culprit of heat loss.

  • Add thermal curtains to help prevent heat loss through windows.
  • Add rugs to your linoleum floor as a extra barrier and keep your feet warm.
  • Purchase vent covers to allow the proper ventilation to continue and not only prevent heat from escaping but condensation from building up in your RV which can lead to mold growth.

The underbelly can be the Achilles heel of the RV.

  • Install an RV Skirt to help keep excesses cold out from under your unit (and snow from building up around pipes and tanks).
  • Insulate your pipes (if your RV unit is not deemed "all season" or have an "Arctic" package)
  • Install mini space heaters under the unit in extreme temperatures to help prevent tanks and pipes from freezing.

Space Heaters & Tank Warming Blankets can be life savers.

  • Insulate your water heater or propane bottles by use of specifically designed blankets.
  • Add a space heater inside the unit to generate heat and save money on propane.

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